Research Report: Influence of Aggregates on the Concrete Cone Failure

On February 1, 2019, CAMA notified members that the final report was available for the joint research project with the Scientific and Technical Center for Building (CSTB) on the influence of aggregates on the concrete cone failure.

The goal of the project was to check if different petrographic types or shapes could influence the performance of the post installed mechanical anchors. The influence of concrete constituents is currently checked during the evaluation procedure for post installed adhesive anchors but this is not investigated for mechanical anchors used with current concrete mixtures.

Concrete slabs were poured with four different types of aggregates of different geographical locations. One aggregate was originated from North America while the three others were originated from Europe.

In order to check the potential influence of the types of granulates, tension tests and shear tests were performed up to failure on headed stud cast in concrete slabs along with bending, splitting and compressive tests on the concrete itself. The test results were compared for each type of aggregates and compressive strengths of concrete.

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The Concrete and Masonry Anchor Manufacturer's Association conducts research on topics germane to the industry. The most recent report focuses on the influence of aggregates on cone failure. Research documents are available, in full, to CAMA members and in limited circumstances to purchasers. Contact CAMA for more information.