Membership Information

Membership Categories & Qualifications

Manufacturer Member


Any legally established business entitiy that bears financial and legal responsibility for the manufacturer of an anchor product or system and (1) is engaged in the manufacture of an anchor product or system, or (2) causes an anchor product or system to be manufactured  to that entity's  own unique specifications shall be eligible for membership in the Association.   Manufacturers of more than one anchor product or system and manufacturers that are legally associated under a common parent company may hold one membership in the Association. 

The dues schedule for Manufacturer members is as follows:

Manufacturer Member Class Avg. Annual Sales1 Annual Dues
1 Less than $5million $4,500
2 $5 million  -  $30 million $8,500
3 $31 million  -  $100 million $11,500
4 Above $100 million $14,500

1 Average annual sales are calculated based on sales for the previous 36 months and include all cast-in and post-installed anchors sold in the United States (reported in USD) 

Please reach out to CAMA at to apply for membership. 

Associate Member


Consultants, registered engineers, laboratories, institutions, government agencies, regulatory bodies, quality assurance agencies, and code/standards setting organizations whose purposes or regular business affects or is affected by anchors, may become associate members of the Association.  Associate members are divided in to the follow categories

Technical/Professional Consultants, Registered Engineers, Laboratories 

Institution/Regulator  - Institutions, Government Agencies, Regulatory Bodies, Quality Assurance Agencies, and Code/Standards setting organizations 

The dues schedule for Associate members is as follows: 

Associate Members Annual Dues
Technical/Professional $900
Institution/Regulator $125


Please reach out to CAMA at to apply for membership.